Onze auditie gaat de wereld over!

Human & Horse Academy by Greetje Hakvoort · 

In this video, we will share the story of our instructor Sharon and her amazing Tinker gelding Breeze, doing their groundwork audition, which they passed with flying colors. 💖😁 Which means she’s certified to be one of your guides on your Human & Horse Journey. ✨

At Human & Horse, we love spreading our Human & Horse Method all over the world. 🙏 Apart from our education book and platform, training courses on location, and social media, our team of Human & Horse Instructors plays a big part in spreading our Human & Horse Method. We believe a growth mindset is key in being able to reach your true potential and work together with your horse to build a magical connection in trust and communication. 💕⭐

The Human & Horse Instructors are there to guide you on any particular part of your journey, being groundwork, work in hand, lunging, or riding. In the link in the bio, you will find a list of all our certified instructors, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of them. 🤩

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